Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tought Provoking!

I have to chuckle! If you have fished for pelletheads for any length of time you have no doubt fished in Pennsylvania at least once.  They stock over a million smolts in a piece of state that you can cross it traveling at 65 mile per hour in 50 minutes.  These fish are easy to catch, and they are there to kill.  Unlike the majority of the other surrounding states these fish have several miles of river to run.  Most of Pennsylvania’s Lake Erie tributaries are short with the exception of Conneaut Creek, Elk Creek, and 20 Mile Creek.  These creeks have several miles of river they can swim up into.
Yes like in all states on the Great Lakes you see some horrible angling ethics.  People kick fish, touch gill rakers, and snag fish.  With Pennsylvania stocking over a million smolts a year “I can’t seem to find the true stocking numbers for Pennsylvania, but I know it’s over a million”.   I did fish Pennsylvania a lot for trout, pelletheads, Pike, and Smallmouth Bass.  I learned how to read water and to find fish.  I did learn about entomology, and what separates good water from bad.  I did make some good friends over there, but of course this was back in the mid-nineties.  People where just figuring out how to use the internet.  We never saw what was coming the dawn of the “spoonfed era”.  People would just be able to point and click to get answers or troll the net look at pictures to find fishing spots.  This would turn the fishing world on its ear.  More folks would call themselves guides and charge an insane amount of money to go pellethead fishing.  
I learned how to fish with a bobber and lead on my fly rod, and later learn much later how to double hand cast.  There is a progression of growth for some in fishing.

Do you remember fishing with a cane pole?  Do you remember your first Zebco Reel? Do you remember soaking the lawn down with water to catch night crawlers to go fishing for the next day?  Do you remember bringing home a stringer of fish and waiting for your mom or dad to show you how to clean them.  Heck the first fish I ever caught was an enormous Bluegill and my Mom said we have to clean it.  It was sitting in the sink with water in it so I grabbed the bar of soap and gave it a bath! LOL Wow back in the day!

I would not pick up a fly rod until 1993.  I would continue to hone my fly fishing craft from Maine to Michigan.  In all this time I never thought I was better than anyone else so I ask some of you “why do you have an air about yourself that tends to make other people believe you are better than others?”. 
It should not matter to anyone the technique you fish by, or the gear you fish with.  As long as its legal it should not matter should it?  Why would it matter the clothes you wear while fishing?  I started out using rubber waders and sweating my ass off.  I also wore several holes in my waders. 
I have several points for writing this entry.  Why do we not rise above it all and not see that most of us are not the same, but we enjoy the same activity?  Why can’t we as a group make the sport better?