Sunday, October 20, 2013

Washington, D.C. Trip 2013 - The Great Shutdown

17th of October my partner, and her kids headed to Washington, D.C. for 4 days.  I was to take charge of the little people for four days.  I hope I could survive!  With everything that was closed to figure out where to go was a little tough.

We went to the National Building Museum I was more excited about this than the kids.  We have built some really cool things here in the good ole United States of America.  I thought I was going to be overwhelmed by all the exhibits and static displays.  I’m estimating but out of the 600 rooms 20 of them are occupied.  I was so beside myself when I saw this.  There was no shred of evidence we constructed and bridges, highways, or other buildings than the model of the Chrysler building  “they had a scaled model there. 

They did have some nice exhibits, but nowhere did it come close to the advancements in building advancements in this great nation.  I know it’s not a big draw like the Smithsonian or the National Zoo.  It rained on us for  2.5 days straight I thought I was going to have to build an arc! Our hotel was close to the Pentagon. 

We ate really well, and stayed in Alexandria, Virginia.  While there we ate at a place called Kabob Palace this place rocks! Great Food and you probably will not finish whats all on your plate.    I took the little people to luch at a very dear place in my heart call The Hamburger Hamlet they have several locations this was in Crystal City .  I did not take them to my all-time favorite location which is in Georgetown. The days with the little people gave me a whole different perspective on single parents! 

We did also go to the National Geographic Museum.  I was quickly reminded how bad traffic gets and how annoying parking is if you’re not a local!  There are plenty of one way streets and they take you way out of your way! Lol The little people enjoyed the photographs! They had an exhibit that was about the female professional photographers from all over the world.

Later the rain stopped and we walked around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.  Needless to say they were worn out after that!  I was to whom I’m I kidding.  Well enjoy the photos.  I hope to be on the water soon!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Relax breath and be mindful!

Hello yes I’m still alive! Sorry but being back at work has kept me busy, and so busy in fact I have not really thought about fishing.  In working with my childhood issues that I have brought to my adult life is seeing a lot of eye opening challenges. 

The nights are getting colder, and the leaves are starting to show their true colors.  The Great Lakes are starting to cool down.  With the Great Federal Shutdown it has put the stop to a lot of the great websites out there that I use for gathering data on Lake Temperatures and other information.
This year I have decided to challenge myself.  I will not put one egg pattern on my bug rods this year when fishing Ohio.  Sure I will hook less fish with streamers, and tube flies.  I am purposefully doing this.  I’m going to slow down my catching to slow down my fishing.  In the beginning years I was all about the numbers sounding like a bait chucking Neanderthal.  Not all bait chucker’s are like this.  The ones I’m talking about I don’t need to point them out we all know who they are.   So back to my point we are missing so much of the experience of fly fishing or fishing in general. 

When was the last time you sat on the bank of the river or creek and just took it all in?  When was the last time you did not care about the fish you did not catch?  When was the last time you traveled hundreds of miles in a day and waded miles of rivers and creeks without a care you did not hook a fish?  When was the last time you did not throw a bead or an egg pattern on your tippet?  Anyone can fish with a bobber and an egg pattern!  Yes the technique is as deadly as Sarin Gas, but as challenging as watching paint dry! 

So more over we see very little of life even know we are supposed to live consciously.  Like so many things we witness in life we take for granted.   We take our everyday freedoms for granted.  We assume so many times that we can do what we like without any consequences.
How many times do we see trash left on the river side?  How many times do we see people who handle fish they have caught like irresponsible children?  It’s a resource people this means it’s depletable asset of the Great Lakes.  For every fish that is mishandled, fingers stuck in the gill rakers, slime removed from its body, and played until it’s almost dead.  You the angler increase the mortality rate of the fishery. 

I know it’s a catch and kill fishery, but why do we continue to treat it as such?  The following link will take you to the creel survey by Kevin A. Kayle of Fairport Harbor Fisheries Research Station Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife 2008-2009.
The catch and release numbers are very impressive in the report.  The report is just part of the picture that it paints.  What the report cannot show is the blatant disregard for the law.  I’m talking about the snagger’s and the people who willfully trespass these folks are the people that are part of the dichotomy. 

The more we the angler educate ourselves and become conscious of our fishery the better it will become.  Well folks be well, and take care.

See you on the water,