Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hocking Hills Survey Department Outing 2013

This past weekend was a departmental outing.  The names of the people will remain anonymous to protect the innocent “lol”, but I will use the name B-Nasty!  I picked up some DaVita’s handmade hot Italian sausage.  I have not had their food in years.  I purchased about 10 pounds of it and cut it up into 6”-8” long pieces. I also caramelized onions, green, red, and yellow peppers.  None of the food I prepared came back home with me.   I traveled down I-77 south and headed for Athens, Ohio.  I took the scenic route because I wanted to unwind and relax on the road.

Have you ever been driving somewhere and realize wow this is actually enjoyable.  Unlike when we were kids you could not wait to just get there.  Just like Bart Simpson “are we there yet, are we there yet”.   I found myself in such a relaxed mode.  I turned a 3 hour trip into a 4 hour trip and did not bat an eye.  I had never been between Athens, Ohio and Logan, Ohio before.   These rolling winding roads are great for bicyclists and motorcycles.   The site distance can be bad in a lot of these rural routes.  This ride would be awesome in the fall. 

I arrived at the chateau courtesy of Mr. M, and had to turn around three times because the address and the coordinates where wrong!  After they flagged me down I finally found the correct driveway.   I arrived met some of my fellow co-workers for the first time and some I have met before.  They were already taking part in beverages, and I continued to unload my truck.  I noticed a small minivan something you would see a “creeper” drive.  The minivan turned out to be B-Nasty’s.  We made some jokes about it and actually he was the source of entertainment.  He was a great person about it, and turned out to be a decent euchre player. 

Friday night we feasted on what can be only described as a labor of love for food.  Mr. M slow cooked some awesome pulled pork barbeque, and pulled chicken barbeque.   He also had some barbeque beans that where out of this world.  So after we ate until we rolled ourselves down to the fire to laugh some more and tell stories. 

First off let me preface no one was hurt down at the fire! Only one person fell and that was more due to the 45 degree slope we were on.  The ground could have been a lot more level that’s for sure.  If our other office person would of showed up to sleep in a tent I think he would have been better off sleeping on the floor of the chateau.  We told story after story, and drank beverage after beverage.  We would spend about 2 hours playing euchre and doing pretty well along with feeling no pain “lol”.   So we retired for the night and we turned off all the lights to the chateau.  There was zero ambient light from the moon in the chateau.  At about 0400 I heard the world crash.  We had someone decide “well I’m tired of sleeping in the bed let me fall out of it”.  Wham crash and heard no other movement.  I quickly got my flash light and asked him hey you alright?  He said yes and then low crawled back in to the rack and proceeded to go back to sleep. 
We awoke Saturday and the young lad never remembered bouncing his brain bucket off the hard pine floors that morning. 

Breakfast was served in fine fashion we ate like kings.  It’s great to see people pull together because of a common interest and bring their resources.  I have not eaten so much bacon in my entire life.  It was great tasting, and the eggs hit the spot.

We would continue our journey and take a very short hike to Old Man’s Cave.  We would be joined by 2,000 complete strangers.  I have never been there and would like to return in the fall just for photo opportunities.   The rock formations are beautiful.   We would come back the chateau and begin to prepare the feast for lunch.  I cooked 20 of the DaVita’s sausages for lunch.  Along with another gentleman whom we will call Son of Grass-Man would had some potatoes that he prepared that would leave you begging for more.  He also helped me out with my lack of experience with a charcoal fire!  I had some clue what to do, but still when someone knows more that you let the experience win out!  We feasted like kings for lunch, and truth be told I really wasn’t hungry until like 8 pm that night. 

We had more laughter at the fire, and again we enjoyed the stories of others.  We pull together like a team to do this.  We mirror what we do in life and work.  This department has done great things in my eyes, and will continue greatness.  We will get through adversity as a team, and we will learn from it.

Sunday we policed up the chateau and said our farewell’s, and headed home.   I would take the short route home hee hee!

Enjoy the pictures, and be well,


Never leave your hardhat unattended with jokesters around, but I would pass blame on my daughter "if I had one".

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting Healthier!

With the 1 year anniversary of my divorce coming up I would like to talk about some health things.  I shredded 30 pounds during the process “priceless”!  I have managed to keep myself about 195 pounds.  That being said I’m upping the game because I just purchased a mountain bike and I’m riding it every other day for at least 10-15 miles at a time.  This has helped me so much regain my focus on me, and my therapy that diagnosed me with anxiety.   So I’m taking care of me, and that’s so important.  My girlfriend is also a huge part of my life now, and all is well.  I will get out on the water some day.  I just had to shift my priorities and not be so dam selfish!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

To much rain to fish locally!

Hang in there folks someday I will get out there.  Therapy is going well made some new revelations, and some revelations that hurt deep.  I hope all is well with the readers of my blog.