Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show 2013

                     Today was the Cincinnati fly fishing show. This show is put on by Buckeye United Fly Fishers insert found at  they moved it to a new venue.  I spoke to a lot of people today. We talked about things like fly patterns to two handed rods. In speaking with people I have realized yet again the industry has us confused.  The rod weight means nothing all two handed rods should of been rated by grain weight only! The lines also should have followed suit.

                     I tied up some Scandinavian style flies today.  I'm still tweaking this pattern. I started with the concept of Greg Sanyo’s AI pattern that can be found at  Fly patterns sometimes start from what others have tied as far as concepts go.  Greg has lead the way like so many other as far as concepts go.  I don't use a huge amount of flash like we have seen in several new fly patterns lately.
                       I met some really nice folks today.  I also gave away about a dozen flies.   I sat next to today Mr. Mike Schmidt from   He was going through deer hair hides like they were free today!  He educated the masses and instructed classes.  I finally met Mr.  Chris Helms today from .  He’s a really nice gentleman.  The other nice gentleman I met was Glenn Weisner of  He also gave instruction how to tie certain flies and sold his wares at the show.   Below you will see what I created today.  Thank for the wonderful day, and it was a pleasure to be in great company.


The start of the general configuration