Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hoosier Daddy?

In light of my latest life issues I needed to recharge my soul. I needed to get out of the house.  

I want to extend a genuine thank you too Dave V. He let me tag along today on the creek. Our primary focus was on Mr . an Mrs. Smallmouth.  

I would bring my TFO 6wt with the fighting butt. I used a weight forward line and 6 foot leaders.  I would begin the morning with leeches for the opportunistic smallie!  The clarity on the creek was about 22" and the flow was wadeable.  I don't know much about this creek.  I do know one thing for sure it had a great mix of cobbles, rock, pea gravel, sand, and a little ledge rock mixed in.  This mix of topography makes for a unique experience.  So many anglers out there are simply missing a lot due to them not being able to read water.  We walked for about 2.5 mile along the Hoosier shore line.  The creek had about 20-28” of visibility and the flow was about 175 cf/s.  the water temperature was 56 in the am and 64 in the pm.  This would be my first time to fish the creek.  The overall depth ranged from 1’-9’ deep.  The wood that was scattered along the river bank was an added bonus. 

I did not care if I hooked anything, but it was nice to connect with several White bass and smallies!  Well enjoy the pictures.


Jeff said...

Nice Tom. Wet wading already!

gribble said...

Yes Jeff its be na bizzarre year for weather patterns! thanks my ole friend!