Friday, May 25, 2012

Going Deep!

Many things in life change and that’s a fact we all know.  Very few things in life remain the same.  Sometimes in life you get lemons and you either make lemonade or you don’t!   I have chosen not only to make something but to make it into a parfait!  Last Saturday I did not wake up in time.  Let me digress I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I caught up on my sleep and got up at 0930 vs 0430!  I thought yea this is more like it.  I grabbed my custom 6wt switch rod and headed to the river.  The body of water I fished was within 20 minutes of my house.  The small creek had great flow, and I saw spawning gar everywhere.  I nailed a lil largemouth bass in the long pool stripping a  number 2 clouser black over white with a red throat.  I then worked my way up stream covering what I thought to be some nice pre-summer holding lies for smallies!  I saw several nice gar holding in the shallows getting their spawn on.  Those are some pretty/ugly fish! If you never held a gar in your hand its like holding a baby crocodile.  So I continued to cast up stream stripping like mad.  I saw a nice rock shoal up ahead and casted to it.  I stripped my clouser across it and there she was!  A nice lil fighter and would turn out to be my largest ever caught on the Ohio River tributary.  I lipped her and she seem to be biting me.  I took a picture of her and set her free. Well all that’s it for now.  I’m headed back to Akron for the weekend to be with some friends and relax to blow off some steam!  On a side note our pets that we have in our lives effect us in ways some people cant understand.  On my lanyard as you can see I take my old friend with me all the time and fish.  I miss and love you Buckeye!