Saturday, February 18, 2012

A peaceful relaxing time picking up other peoples trash!

In fishing there are some things that just sets’ a fire under our asses.  People who litter is who I am referring too.  Let me go back to the actions leading up to the river clean up!   The overnight low was 28 and the high for the day was supposed to be 50!  So I hustled myself out of bed at 4am with and made a pot of coffee.   I kissed my wife by and slipped out the garage.   I took my custom 6wt today a 10’8” 4pc.  The lines I used where a Steelhead Master Series 9wt WF line, and a Rio compact 375 grain Skagit.  The tip I used today was 4’ of T-14.  I was faced with horrible blue bird skies!  Fishing would be tough, but me and this river have a true love hate relationship!  After walking a mile in I rested on the bank listening to coyotes and hoot owls.  I rigged up my rod for swinging one of my sculpinzillas ( ).  I had through the course of the day two reel nice tugs on the sculpinzilla.  The water was really moving, but unfortunately it had 40 inches of visibility.  I walked out of the river and made it to my truck.   I look down the bank from my truck and their sits discarded trash!   I had a small white grocery bag in my truck and proceed to fill it with worm containers and plastic bottles.  The other thing that pissed me off was who ever used the bait left their catch to rot on the shoulder of the road.   Why would you go through all that trouble of getting bait paying for it, and then hauling you catch up to your car and leaving it on the side of the road?  

Enjoy the pictures,