Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ramblings, Mumblings of the Great Lakes Steelheader

Sometimes I wonder how people make it through the day.  I miss the rivers I used to fish.  I miss the fish and the rawness of the Great Lakes. 
This past fishing trip was the best prescription a doctor could write.  I know my wife said I could fish over Christmas holiday.  I may fish and I may not.  I like winter steelhead fishing to a point. 

Here in the Great Lakes we have brutal temperatures.  The water cools and holds the colder temperatures coupled with any wind makes slush.  This slush creates a problem for winter steelheaders.  Slush creates side ice along the rivers and creeks.  This will eventually cause sheets of ice to form all over the rivers.  The ice will lock up rivers and creeks.  The fishing leading up to these events can be great but the timing can be very difficult.  The air temps are so cold and coupled with the cold water temps makes casting fly very difficult. Radial ice forms around fly line and the leader material. This after awhile turns into cable? The longer you cast it the bigger the diameter of the radial ice gets.   Now in saying this we have had a bizarre warm beginning to winter over the last two weeks.  I’m going to pack up my pellet head fishing gear and head to the shores of Lake Erie next week.

My lovely wife has given me a three day fishing pass.  Compounded by the fact there is zero snow on the ground and no ice in the rivers I will be fishing.  I’m taking my custom Feathercast 10’6” 6wt switch and my TFO 8wt 11’ switch rods!  I will take my full spey just in case the Grand is fishable!  Well folks have a safe and happy holiday!