Sunday, July 10, 2011


....Practice, Practice, Practice!
Today I would return to the Great Miami River. I took my 6wt single hander and my new custom 6wt Switch Rod by I have lined this rod with a Rio Skagit short of 375 grain. I’m getting the weight forward line dialed in. I used an 8wt Scientific Angler Master Series Steelhead Taper today. The grain weight of the line was almost enough to load the rod. I will have to get a 9wt Scientific Angler Master Series Steelhead Taper and try it on the rod next. I have a 10wt Scientific Angler Master Series Steelhead Taper but I fear it will be too much! Figures the one line I don’t own “use to own” I need one again! The day was hot and I drank so much water! I was out to just practice casting. I was able to cast out about 70’ with the rod and let’s be honest no small mouth I’m going to cast to is going to be out 70’. I tried several patterns and caught no fish but was able to maintain a good slow “sometimes” casting stroke. You need to slow down your casts just let it happen! I also wanted to chare something I have been doing to my tube flies. I have been adding glass beads on the mono behind the tube fly to make the hook ride farther behind the fly see attached photos enjoy!