Sunday, June 5, 2011

Skipjacks, Hogs, and Sows!

Today I looked at the Ohio River forecast and she would be prime in my book! This would be for me the first time she has been fishable in 4 months! I loaded up some rods and my eggbeater and headed to the river! It would be hot today and I knew I would be off the river at 10 or so! I got to the river’s edge at 0630. I saw some trash in the parking lot and saw one item I will go over later that pertains to SOWS’!  I think all bait shop containers should have a deposit on them so people would give a F more often and not leave them on the river bank! I saw two other anglers this morning and they already there! They were not standing on my favorite rock bar so yea for me. I headed down to the bar and I saw bait busting the surface not a lot of bait but enough to make me start salivating. I strung up the eggbeater first so I could find the fish. I would then follow with a double handed switch rod or my single hander. Well with a 1oz Kastmaster I would hook up about 6 times and never land a one! I put down the eggbeater and recast with my 6wt single hander and a 150 grain sinking line out in about 4-5 feet of water and connect with some feisty fish. I was hooking Skipjack Herring there are our little Ohio River Tarpon! They have the same mouth structure as there saltwater cousins! I saw a few construction workers who are working 7 days a week to meet there construction deadlines on the hydroelectric dam. They told me the earth work alone would be 2 years. I thought well for them at least the local boys will be busy.  Well after hook a pile of fish I headed back to the truck! I return to the SOW comment! There in the parking lay a used female product on the ground! Now who in their right mind leaves it on the ground when there was a 55 gallon barrel trash can nearby! This and so much more makes me want to almost stop fishing so I don’t have to see this kind of stuff! I see the most bizarre shit when I fish! People wonder why we lose fishing access!
Have a nice day,