Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Good Ole Smallmouth Fishing!

Well one of my good buddy’s said,” hey can you fish all day on Sunday?” I replied to him well yes! He said travel an hour toward West Virginia and I will pick you up and we will canoe a new stream for smallmouth! Sounds like a great idea it’s not supposed to rain until late afternoon. I knew where we were going and I have always wanted to fish that creek! I won’t name it due to the internet is like a bad dream from time to time! We started out on one of the braches before we got to the main stem of the creek. She was a beauty all large cobbles and slate here and there! There were more places for fish to hide than I have ever seen on a Southern Ohio creek. I was pleased to say the least. Fish where busting bait all day long, but the odd thing was the fish where not holding in summer areas! They seem to be in what I call limbo! Spawning sessions where done but the last few weeks have been really chilly at night! Since this creek has a huge watershed that could hold its temps this seem to make sense! This is the first creek I have ever been in where I saw probably 100 Sheephead in a 7.3 mile stretch of water. The river was littered with cobles, rocks, and pools from 1' deep to 8' deep. We took our single handers and mainly fished small poppers! The bait was thick in this creek. The flows were at 200 cf/s and she was on the low side! I did have one hookup on a Spotted bass that I landed. I had a few ferocious strikes by some older resident smallmouth Bass that made me miss them! My friend made fun of me because I missed ever hookset on those lil bronze tigers. I barely saw any trash along her creek banks that Sunday! It was a nice day just to be out! Take care all and be well!

During the Monsoon!