Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Wrong Mentality!

This text was copied from an Ohio steelhead message board, and people wonder why I get pissed!

"Find actively spawing fish in a shallow area. Float eggs thru the deeper area below the visible fish. Money in the springtime - especially bits of skein with the membrane and a few eggs."


Jeff said...

I'm surprised the advice wasn't to find actively spawning fish and put on a bunch of weight on your leader and drag it across the gravel where the fish are spawning.

gribble said...

Well I guess this way it looks less obvious since your roll casting upstream through the bed!... Man o man!

Steve Dyczkiewycz said...

Ranks right up there with the most grotesque thing I've heard on the river.

'I would have had that one, but it moved.'

Dude was raking gravel with 40 of his closest friends.