Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ohio Fishing Stream/River Guide Program

Why do some great lakes states feel that they do not have to charge fees to be a fishing guide on the tributaries of the great lakes? The states that do not charge guides in or out of state fees for a guiding license are missing the boat. The Great Lakes fishery brings millions of dollars of commerce to the states and providences that they boarder. Starting a license program promotes several things in the fishery. First off the program would need to promote water safety. Guides need to have some type of accreditation that they have cold water survival skills. They need to be qualified in CPR and first aid. The guides would need to be bonded, and fully insured. The guide program would need to be different from the open water boat guides we see. Every guide who is on the outfitters payroll would need to be insured. This would minimize gill raking small time guides services due to the upfront fees! We need to double the prices for out of state guides. I watch my home state Ohio just miss the boat on making money from this fishery. Ohioans need to be more proactive. We have many great resources to help us see if we can get this made into reality. We are also faced with several other problems. How hard would it be to have a minimum slot limit on steelhead? I think we could get the law passed I don’t think that would be a problem. I think the problem would be getting it enforced. You’re not going to catch everyone and we know that, but you can make an effort.