Sunday, February 20, 2011

Knowing when it's time to say "nope it’s not worth it"!

A friend and I went to fish Clearfork Creek in Central Ohio on Saturday. We were going after Brown Trout. Armed to the teeth with more flys than most fly shops we headed out. The weather was windy about 15-22 mph winds and partially sunny. I picked up Steve at 0530 to begin our journey. We drove at the river side to see she was swollen! She was about 2 feet higher than I like her. She was moving fast and had about 12” of visibility and had lot of sand and silt in her water column. We swung streamers and then more streamers with no luck! I had my 5 weight switch with a 5’ section of T-11 on her. We picked up camp and moved farther downstream until we found a ok place to get into the water. We combed the upper stretches but found not safe place to enter the river! I fish this river a lot in years past and never had a problem until now! It was ok Mother Nature was getting her ready and filling her springs with much needed water for this year’s drought! We went into the park in the lower section. We looked at the river and it was prime a little high and nowhere near as high as the upper stretches. We walked up stream to the dam and she was barely wadable! I pointed out some seams for Steve to fish and with the howling wind he walked out to the rocks! All of a sudden I hear along with the wind that blowing up towards the dam a faint hey hey you! I thought who this ass clown is! I then realized he was waving us off from the dam! I noticed from about 500 yards away he was wearing all green “like a park ranger”! so he looked the part of being an official of the park. So this ass clown left. We watched the river go from a beautiful aqua blue green to brown and they opened the gates more on the dam! This is was a lesson always pays close attention to your surroundings! I fish around many dams many times and you have to pay attention or you could die! Well I also wanted to let everyone know I’m having Carpal Tunnel surgery on 2-25-11. I will be out of commission for 2-5 weeks! Yes it will suck, and I may miss the white bass, Whipers, and Striper run! Take care all and keep the faith I will return as soon as I can. I probably will get more tying done as I heal!