Saturday, January 8, 2011

TFO - Switch Rod Review "more information"

As previously posted I have a Temple Fork Outfitter (TFO) switch rods. I have one 5wt, and the 8wt. I have had these in many places in the short amount of time I have had them. These rods are med-slow rods and med-slow action rods are not for everyone. I like the action of the rods. I like the way the rod loads deeply if I have a heavier grain weighted tip on! The TFO 5wt really makes you slow down even more to generate the correct amount of energy for the rod to cast well. I have used T-8 in sections of 5’ through 10’, and T-14 in 3’ sections through 8’. With the Skagit Spey Short by Rio in a 375 grain line the reel the Orvis Mid Arbor goes well with the rod. I have noticed with some advice from friends I have taken about 2’ length of 15# test mono and attach my tippet to that in a length of 3’-4’. With this mono set up I still get great turnover of my flies! Due to the rod only having a grain window of 250-450 you need to pay close attention to just how much grain you put on this rod! I fish a lot of heavy cover and fish what I call heavy water “not nuclear” and these fish hang out in some fast deep cuts. When you hook a fish in current like that you have to put pressure on them. I have never been in fear of breaking the rod, but remember it’s only a 5wt!