Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Maddening River

Waking up in the morning I knew she would be on the rise but she would still be fishable! I walked the perimeter of the farmers’ corn field to get to the river bank. Putting my head lamp on I began to string up my rods! I would be fishing my TFO single-hander and my 5wt Switch Rod. I would be strippin and rippin streamer patterns preying on Brown trout and there ambush personality.  I fished all the wood I could find! Through-out the morning there was alto od debris coming down stream! There were lots of leaves, sticks and algae. I knew I was really in bad shape! I stayed on one side of the river in fear of her pumping harder while I was fishing. I would fish several olive leech/sculpin patterns. I used on my Switch rod a 4 foot section of T14 and a mono section of 2 foot of 12# and a 2 foot section of 8# test floro! I swung for the fences but ended up just enjoying nature, and getting my casting stroke down! I have always noticed when there is a lot of debris in the water column my catching rate per hour goes to ZERO! Well Happy New Year to all! Enjoy the pics!