Sunday, January 30, 2011

I’m Haunted by My Old Home Waters

I sat on the river bank today as the Southwest Ohio sun warmed my face. I watched the river dance by my feet and I enjoyed the light breeze going across my face as I watched my smoke trail head down stream. Today I would go to the Whitewater River and the Great Miami River here in southwest Ohio. The water levels where a little low but perfect the holes deeper than three feet had a nice green tint to them. I saw my first baitfish of the year and it made my heart skip in hopes there would be a fish feeding on the fry! This would be yet a little more casting practice, and to also find out if I actually had a leak in my waders! I had no leak just a little sweat surrounding my bunched up top of my socks! I’m really happy with me able to get more line out due to me figuring it out casting when the river is moving right to left. Back home in Northeast Ohio the rivers are mostly locked up tighter than a vestal virgin! I have been in Southwest Ohio now for 6 years and I find myself fishing less to ease the pain! There is simply too much sand, silt, and effluent. Enjoy the pics folks!