Sunday, January 30, 2011

I’m Haunted by My Old Home Waters

I sat on the river bank today as the Southwest Ohio sun warmed my face. I watched the river dance by my feet and I enjoyed the light breeze going across my face as I watched my smoke trail head down stream. Today I would go to the Whitewater River and the Great Miami River here in southwest Ohio. The water levels where a little low but perfect the holes deeper than three feet had a nice green tint to them. I saw my first baitfish of the year and it made my heart skip in hopes there would be a fish feeding on the fry! This would be yet a little more casting practice, and to also find out if I actually had a leak in my waders! I had no leak just a little sweat surrounding my bunched up top of my socks! I’m really happy with me able to get more line out due to me figuring it out casting when the river is moving right to left. Back home in Northeast Ohio the rivers are mostly locked up tighter than a vestal virgin! I have been in Southwest Ohio now for 6 years and I find myself fishing less to ease the pain! There is simply too much sand, silt, and effluent. Enjoy the pics folks!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quacker Smackers!

One again good friends of mine headed to Arkansas for their annual Quacker Smacker outing! They hunt guided trips, and they bring me back great specimens! Take care all!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cutting Into the Learning Curve

My great grandfather a World War I Marine told me when I was young to be successful at anything takes practice. Well he was so right and today was time to practice some more! I strung up my Redington CPx 13’9” spey and coupled with my TFO 400-600 grain (8wt) Skagit set up. The full spey has a RIO Skagit Flight SHD 675 grain head with a 13’6” section of T14 (189 grains). The Switch rod had a Sa Supra Skagit 500 grains and with that a tip of 8ft of T11 (88 grains). I would get dressed and head to the river not to catch fish but to cast. I’m an average caster when it comes to the river going from left to right, but it’s a whole different story when the river is coming from right to left! I really saw this when I took my trip to Michigan late last year. I would grasp my full spey rod first and begin to figure out some things! The head on the Skagit Flight is 28 ft. I would try in reverse do a double spey but my brain could not grasp the reverse reality! I thought about it sat in the snow for a minute. I realized I had to get my anchor just in front of my downstream leg and with a good D-loop slightly over my shoulder get the desired cast! I will walk you through this. I would roll cast out my anchor and all of the Flight Head except for the last 4 ft. This at least for me would be my sweet spot with the current grain load on the rod. With both hands pointing downstream and my wrists in a cross I would have the first position. The next position would be to lift all the line out of the water keeping the rod at about a 10 degree angle in front of me but going up stream. I would keep rotating the rod across my body until all the head would clear the water minus the anchor. I would want the anchor to be perpendicular to my left leg. I would then keep the line off the water except for the anchor rotating my wrists back to position one, but once the anchor passes my left leg “and my shoulder and elbow” and getting a deep D-Loop I would then cast the rod. The slower I went with this casting stroke the more line I shot. I did this with the TFO also both rods casted splendidly. Spey caster beware you will hook yourself easily if you are not careful due to the body position vs. the anchor! Good luck and I’m sure I have confused someone!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

TFO - Switch Rod Review "more information"

As previously posted I have a Temple Fork Outfitter (TFO) switch rods. I have one 5wt, and the 8wt. I have had these in many places in the short amount of time I have had them. These rods are med-slow rods and med-slow action rods are not for everyone. I like the action of the rods. I like the way the rod loads deeply if I have a heavier grain weighted tip on! The TFO 5wt really makes you slow down even more to generate the correct amount of energy for the rod to cast well. I have used T-8 in sections of 5’ through 10’, and T-14 in 3’ sections through 8’. With the Skagit Spey Short by Rio in a 375 grain line the reel the Orvis Mid Arbor goes well with the rod. I have noticed with some advice from friends I have taken about 2’ length of 15# test mono and attach my tippet to that in a length of 3’-4’. With this mono set up I still get great turnover of my flies! Due to the rod only having a grain window of 250-450 you need to pay close attention to just how much grain you put on this rod! I fish a lot of heavy cover and fish what I call heavy water “not nuclear” and these fish hang out in some fast deep cuts. When you hook a fish in current like that you have to put pressure on them. I have never been in fear of breaking the rod, but remember it’s only a 5wt!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Maddening River

Waking up in the morning I knew she would be on the rise but she would still be fishable! I walked the perimeter of the farmers’ corn field to get to the river bank. Putting my head lamp on I began to string up my rods! I would be fishing my TFO single-hander and my 5wt Switch Rod. I would be strippin and rippin streamer patterns preying on Brown trout and there ambush personality.  I fished all the wood I could find! Through-out the morning there was alto od debris coming down stream! There were lots of leaves, sticks and algae. I knew I was really in bad shape! I stayed on one side of the river in fear of her pumping harder while I was fishing. I would fish several olive leech/sculpin patterns. I used on my Switch rod a 4 foot section of T14 and a mono section of 2 foot of 12# and a 2 foot section of 8# test floro! I swung for the fences but ended up just enjoying nature, and getting my casting stroke down! I have always noticed when there is a lot of debris in the water column my catching rate per hour goes to ZERO! Well Happy New Year to all! Enjoy the pics!