Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mother Natures Stinkeye!

I awoke today and looked at the weather report 3-5” of snow winds 15-20 mph and good old mother nature was giving me the stink eye! Well I thought you not going to win today lil lady! I headed out to a warm water discharge on the Ohio River today. I got there about 1030am and saw no other cars in the lot, and thought to myself this is either a bad thing or a good thing! Well it was a bad thing. I was fishing for any fat girls, and their boyfriends that may be around ie White Bass, Whipers, or Stripped Bass. The river still had 4” of visibility and too much sand and silt in the water column. The warm water coming out of the creek from the power plant was not really that warm either “this was the biggest problem why there was very little bait and very little fish around”! I was also faced with a new deposit of about 12” of mud death! What I mean since here in the Old Dirty “the Ohio River” she has huge siltation problems for various reasons, and I could only get to one side of the creek to fish her! The side we all fish is the deposit side of the river for all silt and sand. Not a great time was had for the two hours I attempted to fish her. I would then pick up camp and head to Meldhal Dam down river on the Ohio. They are putting in a hydroelectric dam there so I headed there with no mind to fish her just to see it! Enjoy the pics gents and be well! Notice the progression of the weather going from sugar “not really” to sh!t!