Thursday, November 11, 2010

To all of our Veterans past and present-Semper Fi

Having Veterans day off, and being a Veteran it makes me think and makes me reflect on the people I miss! So I headed to Markland Dam to settle a score! The last time I went there I caught nothing! So with the same expectations I headed there yet again! The morning was awesome as far as weather conditions goes! The air was cold the fog on the river was thick! The skip jacks where busting bait all day! There was so much bait in the river it looked like pieces of carpet! The bait was everywhere! The fish are eating well!! I saw two Whipers landed not by me! I hooked I think one nice skipjack but by the time I got my drag set it was gone! Well the score is still even for me and Markland Dam. That current is so bizarre, and there is a eddy in that rive that’s about 100 yards long! Enjoy the pics! I did get to see two Eagles who fished and they hooked up and took off for their nest down river “that was amazing”.