Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Observations and Self Examination of my Inner Monologue!

I have noticed since I picked up my first switch rod it has led to other rod purchases that has led me to want to go without catching a fish. Let me explain I live in Cincinnati Ohio and our fishing pretty much is done with the first heavy frost! Now you can leave Cincinnati and go fishing elsewhere, but the fishing only gets good if you drive 3-5 hours away! I have been learning how to spey cast with my spey rod, and how to cast my switch rods! I have tied more flies than I will use in a year! All this is for is just in case I may get out and fish for Mykiss, Stripers, and Whipers! Bronze will have to wait and I don’t fish for smallmouth during their wintering over phase! I find myself being really picky about where I go fishing due to the fact I want to swing flies. I find more pleasure in getting a fish to rise to take a fly I’m swinging! To swing a fly for me is a new beginning! I have made custom Skagit tips of T-8, T-11, T-14, and T-17! I fish all kinds of water and fish the water column thoroughly! I just chose to fish not when I can but when I want to! I just spent 8 days swinging flies in Michigan and hoping that I could get a fish to rise! It may seem weird to some, but for others you will get it! Enjoy the pictures folks!



Nice to come back to the cabin too!

Solo on the Big Manistee

My only hook-up was on the Big Man in this deep hole filled with wood!

Bald Eagle

Three Bald Eagles flying around me on the Big Man!

The Big Man

Tippy Dam with barely a soul!

Mark Lowden Picture - Send it!

Mark Lowden Picture

Spey setup!

Marks first King on light spining tackle priceless!

My lil Jack!