Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Big Man Big Suprize!

Not very many things now a day surprises me! I was surprised on Saturday the 30th of October! I floated the Big Man solo, and heard all the warnings about the wood she had along her river and submerged me were ready for her! I began below Tippy for several reasons all I wanted was trout, and possibly one hook up with a predatory Brown trout or Steelhead! Saw so many Chinnies down from the dam. Lots of gravel I egged behind got one swipe from a trout, but nothing the rest of the day! I said ok POS if that’s the way you want to play I will just swinging my spey rod all day and lessen my chances! lol... I strapped on a tip of T-14 14 feet long onto the already 675 grain head on my rod and went hunting in every submerged log jam I thought could hold a fish! I did realize over and over I should have worn my PFD instead of just bungee cording it to the bottom of the boat! There are some massively deep holes on her! I did get to see three soaring eagles! I also got to meet a few anglers in boats, and one moron! The only was he was a moron was due to his lack of ability to figure out what was to shallow for him to have his boat it! I wish he would of grenade his motor and had to paddle back to the launch! That would have been priceless! I mainly fished sculpin patterns. Big olive and articulated flies are what I threw. I learned that I will be tying circle hook as my trailer hook next time! I was fishing a deep hole that had moderate speed and on undercut bank on the far side! Standing up stream and doing the ole Cali Shuffle I proceeded to work the run! Over and over I casted with no hook ups! There was an overhang tree at the end of the run. Just short of losing fly I swung under the canopy of the tree! With my fly line being at almost 1800 I felt one good grab! This grab would be followed by thee old under the water mouth was routine! I felt like a good size fish either a Brownie or a steelie! I turned the rod to the side reeling all my line that could get taken up by my Galvan reel! I just took up the remainder of my line and it came unbuttoned suprize! I hmm imagine that and thought if that would have been a circle hook I probably would be getting a pic of that fish! Lessoned learned with a few patterns that will need changed! I just Floated the remainders of river rowing until I got to the High Bridge take out! This river except for the first 1 mile of river below Tippy is great for a pontoon boat! After that most of the river is made for fishing out of a boat! With all the wood is in that dam river you best be careful! Enjoy the pics gents!


I will be putting a tutorial how to make the toon tubes for the rods!

The Middle of the hole where I hooked up!

Wood Wood did someone say wood!