Thursday, November 11, 2010

To all of our Veterans past and present-Semper Fi

Having Veterans day off, and being a Veteran it makes me think and makes me reflect on the people I miss! So I headed to Markland Dam to settle a score! The last time I went there I caught nothing! So with the same expectations I headed there yet again! The morning was awesome as far as weather conditions goes! The air was cold the fog on the river was thick! The skip jacks where busting bait all day! There was so much bait in the river it looked like pieces of carpet! The bait was everywhere! The fish are eating well!! I saw two Whipers landed not by me! I hooked I think one nice skipjack but by the time I got my drag set it was gone! Well the score is still even for me and Markland Dam. That current is so bizarre, and there is a eddy in that rive that’s about 100 yards long! Enjoy the pics! I did get to see two Eagles who fished and they hooked up and took off for their nest down river “that was amazing”.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

O I forgot "The Storm of the Century"

...thanks mother nature we still survived and caught fish!

Dark yes no power! Photo by Mark L.

Photo by Mark L.

The Big Man Big Suprize!

Not very many things now a day surprises me! I was surprised on Saturday the 30th of October! I floated the Big Man solo, and heard all the warnings about the wood she had along her river and submerged me were ready for her! I began below Tippy for several reasons all I wanted was trout, and possibly one hook up with a predatory Brown trout or Steelhead! Saw so many Chinnies down from the dam. Lots of gravel I egged behind got one swipe from a trout, but nothing the rest of the day! I said ok POS if that’s the way you want to play I will just swinging my spey rod all day and lessen my chances! lol... I strapped on a tip of T-14 14 feet long onto the already 675 grain head on my rod and went hunting in every submerged log jam I thought could hold a fish! I did realize over and over I should have worn my PFD instead of just bungee cording it to the bottom of the boat! There are some massively deep holes on her! I did get to see three soaring eagles! I also got to meet a few anglers in boats, and one moron! The only was he was a moron was due to his lack of ability to figure out what was to shallow for him to have his boat it! I wish he would of grenade his motor and had to paddle back to the launch! That would have been priceless! I mainly fished sculpin patterns. Big olive and articulated flies are what I threw. I learned that I will be tying circle hook as my trailer hook next time! I was fishing a deep hole that had moderate speed and on undercut bank on the far side! Standing up stream and doing the ole Cali Shuffle I proceeded to work the run! Over and over I casted with no hook ups! There was an overhang tree at the end of the run. Just short of losing fly I swung under the canopy of the tree! With my fly line being at almost 1800 I felt one good grab! This grab would be followed by thee old under the water mouth was routine! I felt like a good size fish either a Brownie or a steelie! I turned the rod to the side reeling all my line that could get taken up by my Galvan reel! I just took up the remainder of my line and it came unbuttoned suprize! I hmm imagine that and thought if that would have been a circle hook I probably would be getting a pic of that fish! Lessoned learned with a few patterns that will need changed! I just Floated the remainders of river rowing until I got to the High Bridge take out! This river except for the first 1 mile of river below Tippy is great for a pontoon boat! After that most of the river is made for fishing out of a boat! With all the wood is in that dam river you best be careful! Enjoy the pics gents!


I will be putting a tutorial how to make the toon tubes for the rods!

The Middle of the hole where I hooked up!

Wood Wood did someone say wood!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Observations and Self Examination of my Inner Monologue!

I have noticed since I picked up my first switch rod it has led to other rod purchases that has led me to want to go without catching a fish. Let me explain I live in Cincinnati Ohio and our fishing pretty much is done with the first heavy frost! Now you can leave Cincinnati and go fishing elsewhere, but the fishing only gets good if you drive 3-5 hours away! I have been learning how to spey cast with my spey rod, and how to cast my switch rods! I have tied more flies than I will use in a year! All this is for is just in case I may get out and fish for Mykiss, Stripers, and Whipers! Bronze will have to wait and I don’t fish for smallmouth during their wintering over phase! I find myself being really picky about where I go fishing due to the fact I want to swing flies. I find more pleasure in getting a fish to rise to take a fly I’m swinging! To swing a fly for me is a new beginning! I have made custom Skagit tips of T-8, T-11, T-14, and T-17! I fish all kinds of water and fish the water column thoroughly! I just chose to fish not when I can but when I want to! I just spent 8 days swinging flies in Michigan and hoping that I could get a fish to rise! It may seem weird to some, but for others you will get it! Enjoy the pictures folks!



Nice to come back to the cabin too!

Solo on the Big Manistee

My only hook-up was on the Big Man in this deep hole filled with wood!

Bald Eagle

Three Bald Eagles flying around me on the Big Man!

The Big Man

Tippy Dam with barely a soul!

Mark Lowden Picture - Send it!

Mark Lowden Picture

Spey setup!

Marks first King on light spining tackle priceless!

My lil Jack!