Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mishing Fichigan Part 1 the Pere Marquette

Mark and I would head out to fish Michigan from October 23-30. We braved the Storm of the Century, and caught fish during this adverse time! This will be to give a detail account of each day. We arrived at Ivan’s Camp Ground in Baldwin, Michigan on Saturday October 23.  Ivan’s Camp Ground can be found here  We would go scout the access for floating the Pere Marquette (PM).  Our primary target was trout this whole entire trip although I had Mykiss visions later in the week possibly! The stretch we would float would be from the Sulak access and float down to the Upper Branch Bridge access. These access points can be found on the web on this web site is very informative, and will set you straight on where to put in and take out. My buddy Mark caught all the fish on this creek this day! He would nymph behind all the kings and come up with some PM Gold! He landed only browns in the 9”-13” range. I don’t like egging, and that would be why I went for a big old goose egg! There is more to life than just catching fish.  The adventure of taking our pontoons down the PM for the first time without an incident was my main priority. The Flow of the PM was 500 cf/s (cubic feet a second). This would be still swift for my standards for the flow, and for anyone fishing this body of water you would need to come up with your own comfort level before using any cf/s. I swung flies all day having no takers, no grabs, and no tugs! I used a 5wt Deer Creek 11’ Switch rod on this small body of water, and I know the rod was too long. I used a 4 foot tip and switched from T11 and T14. I never lost a fly doing this on the PM that day! I made myself swing all day with my little 5wt more challenging that way! I did attempt to use a dry fly on my friend Jim 4wt he was nice enough to loan me, but that lasted about as fast as I got it strung up! The river at this location is about 40% gravel with some great holes, and chutes for holding trout! We saw so many green kings it was scary for this time of year. As we talked with so many anglers during the week the anglers would comment on how late the runs where.  I thought great wonderful nothing like having the deck stacked against you! More of a challenge that way I thought! Give it your shot Michigan I thought to myself! This float calculated by me and my Garmin GPS Map Source software was 2.0 miles, and I uploaded my GPS unit my trusty Some of the cabins we saw along the river were so in the middle of know where! Mother Nature blew most of her load with the fall colors by the time we arrived. I am always amazed at the amount of submerged wood in the PM. This makes wading very tricky in some spots!  At the close of the day we went back to the Cabin to drown my sorrows in a bottle of Bookers Bourbon 125 proof 750ml! This would be my first time trying Bookers and I like it a lot. The initial softness of the bourbon was nice! I normally drink Jefferson’s bourbon. So this bottle of Bookers was for a special occasion. I will be purchasing another bottle after I have to replace my Jefferson’s. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Sulak Boat Launch

Ready To Roll Captain

We often fish water like this and say "why are there no fish in here this is were I would be if I was a fish"!

Walking upstream in search of!

Breaking for lunch!

Tying Knots!