Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hackle Fresh from field "well last year"

Off a Rump of a Wood Duck
Feathers off of a Wood Ducks Rump

Northern American Shoveler

It really pays off to become friends with people who hunt! I have been blessed to have a few friends that brought me back a few birds last year and here are some of the hackles! The colorations are to die for, and obviously a fly shop would kill to have such quality! Now if I could only tye well to give these hackles the spotlight they deserve!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thank you!

Hello folks and I want to thank you! I want to say I appreciate all the visitors I have had up to this point! You come from all corners of the Globe! I have been tying flies for my upcoming trip to Central PA for a week! I will have pictures of the patterns up on my blog in a few days! I will take my 11’ 5wt switch rod and along with two other single hander rods! I have come up with a great little idea! Instead of adding a loop to hang the hook onto use beads to extend the hook further behind the pattern! Make sense to me I will also post pics of these later this weekend! Take care guys and there has to be some gals in their too!

Tom G.