Sunday, May 2, 2010

Long Way To Go!

We all have had days where we want to do something really bad! Well today was my day. It has rained here for two days, and I just got my Spey rod my Redington CPX 9wt strung up with my Galvan reel armed with a 675 grain head! I wanted to cast this last weekend but got rained out. Herein Southern Ohio the White Bass and the Whipers with the Stripers are starting to make their annual pilgrimage up stream! I did wake up at 0400 this morning to see how the weather was and my common sense got a hold of me and told me to back to bed! I went back to bed and heard the thunder roll on by and fell fast back to sleep! I awoke at 0930 and threw my fishing stuff in the truck and headed off anyhow driving through the rain. I would get to the river’s edge, and find her to be totally fishable. She was running faster than normal and obviously on the rise! Dressed for the moment I walked down to the river! Most of the banks were water covered a big sign of watch your ass because Mother Nature’s a little pissed! So I marked some rocks with my eyes to indicate how fast the water was coming up and to tell me when to haul out of there! I’m a better caster when the water is going from left to right not right to left! I still managed a ok cast for a boot of the spey! I have a lot of work to do! The 13’9” stick is a cannon for sure! I need to make heavier tips, and I see this will be a big water stick only!!!I was swinging just a random shad pattern with 12’ of T14! Not much more to say enjoy the pics (sorry for the poor picture quality)!