Sunday, May 9, 2010

In a Mile Out a Mile!

The Walk In!

The Skunk is Removed

Peaceful Redemption

 That was the motto today! We arrived stream side after walking the mile above the lake looking for Mr. and Mrs. Fatty! We would begin to fish in the 40 degree air, and find to our delight no one in sight! We had the first riffle of the upper river to our selves! We used simple patterns clousers black over white, olive over white, and pearl estaz under a white rabbit strip that had a red throat! They only wanted the olive! We would go nibbless in the first hole! I thought to myself this is odd “par for the coarse my last two fishy outings”! I fished my 5wt TFO 11’ switch-rod today armed with a steelhead salmon taper by Scientific Angler. I would over cast it for most of the day, and also would double haul it from time to time “not pretty but it worked”! We would find several White Bass in the normal haunts. If there was any type of cover be it from trees or just heavy water they were eager to take some flies! I saw one very happy carp today and he/she would not stop jumping! Today was my last fishing day until we close on the house! Our final walk through is this Tuesday, and we close hopefully on the 21st of this month! Take care all, and I will be back in full force in a couple of weeks. I also found a new fishing friend Steve, and he looks like he is ready to fish anywhere! Take care all and enjoy the pics!