Thursday, April 8, 2010

To sunny, but a nice day!

Well the Sunday before Easter and I headed to the river! Armed to the teeth with my 8wt/5wt switch rods by TFO. The was flowing great with about 24” of visibility! I would pound this small section from sun up to approximately 10ish! I used tips from T8 to T14 raging from 2 feet long to 10 feet long! I would have no takers. I was happy to see all the people who passed me on the river went up stream to fish the gravel as fast as they could go! I really don’t get you idiots! So after that I packed up to hit a stream farther to the east! She was low and slow and I could tell the sucker run was in full force! The air temps where hovering around 80 degrees all day! I did get smacked in the face a lot by some huge black stone flies about 10-12 in size! It was nice to see yet still all the fresh water muscles that grow in the river! I went to a huge hold probably the second biggest hole she’s got and and no joy! I would finish on the Chagrin and I saw so much down timber in the river I decided to donate about 4 tube flies to it to decorate it for Christmas! Well all take care enjoy the pics and the video!