Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Thoughts Pro’s Versus Joe’s!

I’m sure some of us can remember the nights when we used to soak the lawn down with a garden hose to catch night crawlers as a kid to go fishing the next day. I know I can remember riding my bike to the local pond or stream to fish for the day in the summer. I know that most of us remember a lot less trash on the water’s edge as a young lad. I find myself older and a little wiser now. I have seen friends come and go, and sell their soul to the fishery pimps of the industry. When I got out of the Marine Corps in nineteen ninety two I had a lot of time on my hands. I drank like a sailor, and slept most of my life away as a young lad just out of the service. I had to find a hobby. I had to find something I would enjoy. I thought to myself take up fishing again. I worked with a few guys back then that fly fished. I though now there is a hobby I could learn to like. So after talking to Chris my co-worker for a few weeks I decided to give it a try. I went to my local my fly shop, and yes it is an Orvis fly shop. I met a gentleman named Frank, and he would point me in a good direction to get started. I purchased a starter rod, reel, fly line, and backing from him. It was a little click and pawl reel, and for me it might just have been the first thing of beauty to me. I got the panfish bug fast and later followed by the dreaded steelhead bug! I’m from Northeast Ohio and could not have been more strategically placed for my base of operations. I enjoyed fishing for panfish, but a good friend of mine Phil is who I’m going to blame for my demise with steelhead. I met several other friends who enjoyed chasing Great Lakes Steelhead. Some of us traveled for several hours on several occasions to several states for these magnificent fish. I watched one of my former good friends turn into a slave of the industry. I watched him turn his back on me, and I then turned my back on him. Deep down inside I felt jealous, because now my once best fishing buddy was a guide. He had no time for our friendship that was their along time prior to this steelhead/salmon guiding thing. I then started to really pay attention to detail on what guides where doing what on the Great Lakes Region. I saw this guide we will call him the one who writes his nick name on his fly fishing vest. He allegedly brought a disease to Ohio and his name is Donny Beaver. I know the property owner that he leases access from. I got to get back on track with my points. Why do some professionals or guides not get held to higher standards than the average Joe? Why do they not hold themselves at higher standards? Here in Ohio unlike MI, PA, and NY they have a guiding program. Due to the fact that we all know that money makes the world go around. Why does Ohio not have a fishing guide program? Fly fishing as a whole is missing the boat with the average Joe in the USA. Most of us do not know what a Hardy, Powell, and Thomas and Thomas rod or reel looks like. So much of this Great Lakes tributary fishing is a wreck. We have no enforcement, and the pros know it. Not all the pros out there are bad, but we only see the bad clowns! When I began this journey I thought about giving back to the sport. I will keep giving back to the sport of fly fishing as much as I can. I’m trying diligently to see about a wading law in Ohio, and I have seen firsthand what a chore this is going to be.

Monday, February 15, 2010

No Fishing Related Stuff!

...well we are building a house, and holy cow its eating up my time! My nephew has moved in with us untill he gets on his feet with his new job "he is living in my man cave"! Untill he moves out we will be at a stand still with tying, but fishing should begin restart for me in about a month! Stand by, and everyone have a nice day!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Slow Loading Page!

sorry folks for the slow loading page! I will look into it and I deleted the widget thought it was that and nope! Bear with me! Thanks!