Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Brown Trout On The Swing!

So many things contributed for me to go fish the Mad River today! We got a lot of rain over the past week! Ohio got so much rain that almost every fishable piece of water was unfishable in a 3-4 day span of time. I took my tube flies and my friend and we went to fish the maddening river! No bobbers where used by me today "shocker", and no lead was used by me either! This river has driven me to drink. This river as far as technical fly fishing goes in Ohio this is number one! We would hook up with about 20 browns the largest being hooked by me would spit the hook due to me smoking a cigar with my wrong hand! This would pose a costly mistake. He or she would have been at least 20” plus brown trout. O well this is why I love to swing flies with a switch rod such a new challenge. I would break out the 5wt Deer Creek switch rod by TFO. This time my switch rod would be loaded with 350 grain Skagit and a 6.6’ of T-8. The flows where med-high high flows! These conditions would turn out to be perfect for fishing sculpin style tubes in olive! The air temp was in the mid to upper 30’s and the water temp was about the same! Well folks take care and enjoy the pics! Fishing is not over with yet! Thanks Lou you have made me fall back in love with her yet once again!