Sunday, November 8, 2009

Casting, Casts, and Swinging Flies!

Well today would be one of my biggest tests of two handed casting. I loaded my rod with a head of T14 in 14 foot (196 Grain) and 12 foot (168 Grain) lengths. I have a Deer Creek Switch rod that’s an 8wt (400-600 grain). I loaded it heavy today. I was able to cast and turn over large deceiver patterns made of deer hair with little to know problem. My anchor placement was further out of the water, and the head was closer to my hand in the rod guides. This is going to happen with a slower rod like the one I own. I like the slow action rods I feel more of the fight and casting effort than most on the water’s edge! I did manage to swing and hook up with one little plump smallmouth! Well the water levels where great, and the weather was warm. Remember when casting the less effort you physically put into the cast the better your casting stroke will be! I did find a fossilized cast from the Pleistocene era, and a piece of fossilized coral. It is amazing to me when you can find lying on the ground when you’re just relaxing enjoy the pics.

Take care all.

Tom G.