Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wrong Weather Report, Great Company, Fishless, Great Water Conditions

Well I hope everyone who has read my blog to date had a good Thanksgiving holiday. We are driving back from a fishless adventure. I'am fine with being fishless due to the fact there are more important things going on while you're fishing than just catching fish. Take for instance fishing with friends and catching up with you and reconnecting with there lives and the good the bad and of course the ugly. We arrived in New York on Friday at 0530 and suited up. We would arrive on the spit of sand awaiting daylight and mind you this was on Friday. Walking downstream we saw several head lamps turn like a warning to a plane where not to land. I laughed with my buddy Andrew that they see us walking down and afraid we would crowd them. I'am not that type of guy who gets close enough to smell your wader stew! I would begin to fish tubes all day and swing flies. I would be fishing my Deer Creek 8wt Switch rod loaded with the SA Compact Skagit 550 grain. The tip of choice would be a 6ft section of T14. The flows of this Lake Ontario tributary was awesome moderate to high flow depending on what part of the river you where standing in. No fish would be hooked in this first section of the river. We would press on farther up stream to a much more popular fishing hole to find only two people standing there. We crossed the river only having to recross the river due to the flows to actually get safely to the other side of the hole. I would yet again have ample room to swing more flies. I was using colors such as chartreuse over yellow, chartreuse over orange, yellow over orange, and grey over white with a mallard flank collar. All tubes would be tyed on plastic tubes except for the grey over white. The grey over white is on an Eumer tube in silver. This tube would give me one head shaker and that would be my only action of the day. The weather was bright and not very nice for a steelhead outing. The water was very cool probly in the forties. We would take yet another drive to go find new water and hopefully some fish. The fishing in the first tributary in years past has fallen off dramatically and in my opinion it cause less people to show up so it is a win win situation. For the most part it was a great trip to spend with Andrew. I did get some great landscape shots. Please enjoy your stay.

Tom G.

PS I will post the pics when I get back to Cincinnati

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Holiday

I would like to thank everyone who has come to my blog and to wish you and yours a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Tom G.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Casting, Casts, and Swinging Flies!

Well today would be one of my biggest tests of two handed casting. I loaded my rod with a head of T14 in 14 foot (196 Grain) and 12 foot (168 Grain) lengths. I have a Deer Creek Switch rod that’s an 8wt (400-600 grain). I loaded it heavy today. I was able to cast and turn over large deceiver patterns made of deer hair with little to know problem. My anchor placement was further out of the water, and the head was closer to my hand in the rod guides. This is going to happen with a slower rod like the one I own. I like the slow action rods I feel more of the fight and casting effort than most on the water’s edge! I did manage to swing and hook up with one little plump smallmouth! Well the water levels where great, and the weather was warm. Remember when casting the less effort you physically put into the cast the better your casting stroke will be! I did find a fossilized cast from the Pleistocene era, and a piece of fossilized coral. It is amazing to me when you can find lying on the ground when you’re just relaxing enjoy the pics.

Take care all.

Tom G.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Driving, Soaked, Sleep Deprived, Hungry, and Mother Nature’s Canvas

Well I found a crack in my oar that I use for my pontoon boat so floating the Watauga River in Tennessee was out of the question. I found this on Wednesday, and needed to figure out a fix quick! I thought what in the world I’m I going to do now! Well after a long night’s sleep and feeling depressed I called up a good friend in Northeast Ohio and asked if I could crash at his house for a few days. Mind you I call my buddy at 0639 on Thursday! They said come on up and stay with us! I acted like a little school kid again. I then realized I was going to have an easy day in the office on Thursday. I asked my direct manager if I could take off as soon as I had 4 hours in the office. He said I don’t have a problem with that. His response gave me the green light. I told my wife and she said go. I got home swapped out trout dries for steelhead swinging flies! I checked my gear a few times loaded up the truck kissed Carolyn “my wife” good bye and said your awesome thanks! There I was 75 MPH and bound for the Great Lakes shoreline. I must have looked like a mad man trying to get out of southwest Ohio. I arrived on Thursday night at Joe and Wendy’s’ house and we sat around telling stories how I once woke up to 36” snow drifts and me in panic mode! O good times I said, and we all laughed. I was not sure where to fish on Friday. I thought about going automatically to New York, but good friends of mine where telling me to remain in Ohio. So I did fish Ohio on Friday. I was worried about guides getting to my spot before me, and so I was there out of sure boredom 2 hours before dawn! I had so much time on my hands I had a Cliff Bar for breakfast and smoked a cigar. I stared at objects that I thought where moving, and come to find out they were not. I did however scare the raccoon half to death by almost taking a nap on the river’s edge awaking to him scuffing his claws on the rocks! I turned my head lamp on him hoping what I was going to see was not a coyote! It was a cute lil fur ball that about tripped over backwards when I hit him with my head lamp at about 15 feet away! Needless to say I remained awake after that. The sun came up and I proceeded to swing my 5wt switch rod with a trusty olive tube fly! I swung that switch rod for about 3 hours and nothing! I switched tips from T8-T11 from 1’-6” to 4’-6” ad nada! I know this is fishing but wow no takers. This was not typical of this run/pool I was at. I said ok time to succumb to the Great Lakes mentality. I placed my other spool on my switch rod and dumped the Skagit into my back pack for a weight forward Steelhead taper. I placed a bobber onto the leader some split shot an egg pattern and a size 14 olive caddis. I nymphed my little arse off in staging water, fall holding water, and then for the sake I need to look there in winter holding water. My bobber went under I set the hook and there she came out of the black tannic stained water. She was not a happy camper. She immediately took me towards a tree and I pulled her out of that with side pressure keeping her off balance. She then took me for a walk down through two large holes in about a 300 foot stretch. I would then land her tailing her, and then asking myself, “How I’m I going to get a picture of this large hen”! I called to a complete stranger whom almost drowns earlier that morning trying to cross the river in one of the worst areas. I asked him if he would mind taking a picture of this fish. He gasped and said she huge, and I said yes she made my day for sure. Well after taking that single fish my whole entire weekend was made. Years past she did not give up a fish like that to me so that day, and that moment was her gift to me! I would share some water with this new friend of mine, and try and help him connect with a fish before leaving him for the day. I then noticed how black the water was from the tannic stain of the leaves. It was so bad I was not surprised I did not connect with a steelhead due to the floating leaves. There were so many leaves it looked like all the leaves in northeast Ohio came to that creek that morning for a swim! I saw only one guide and his clients on that river in the morning. I did hook the fish below him so it was a happy day! So I hauled my carcass out of the river to return to base camp! The colors on the tree where basically done but you could tell it was an amazing fall as far as colors go. I would then drive to New York on Saturday. I awoke at 0200 to be on the river at 0530. I drove through a rain storm that was so bad I almost stopped to look out for Noah’s Ark. It was coming down in sheets, and I’m not going to talk about that gail force winds! So off to the river to see some old friends! It was good to fish with them. We would be in the rain all day long! I was dry on the inside, but soaked everywhere else. I would not have heavy enough tips to get my flies down to the fish. I had to use the eggbeater! Sorry to disappoint you, but sometimes you need to know your limits! I hooked two fish and landed one! Well this is it so enjoy the pics! I’ll be returning to the promise land the day after Thanksgiving!
Take care,

Tom G.