Saturday, October 10, 2009

5WT Deer Creek Switch Rod Post 1

Well today was the maiden voyage of the 5wt Deer Creek switch rod. I have to say I’m really impressed with its abilities thus far. I lined one spool of the mid-arbor reel with a Rio Skagit Short 275 Grain and it does not load the rod well in my opinion. For short casts under 40 feet you will be fine, but any greater distance you will be at a disadvantage. The second line I put on my other spool was don’t laugh a triangle taper! I put a 10wt triangle taper on it to see how the rod would react. This line rod combo will be a blast for warm water species sight fishing to carp, gar, and smallmouth! I have ordered a 375 grain compact Skagit from Rio from my local shop. I’m hoping all will be better! Sunday I’m going out to cast a 7wt Double taper on my 5wt switch. I hope this will be a little more finesse than the 10wt triangle taper “lol”! Here are some random shots from today! O yes almost forgot I did not catch any trout, but I did catch bluegills on a dry fly today in the frog water!
Tom G.