Sunday, August 16, 2009

Custom Fly Wallet

We have all said at one time or another, “why there is so much stuff made overseas anymore?” There are several answers to that riddle! I have found a craftsman of leather goods right here in the United States “imagine that”. His name is Marc Crapo of Ashton, Idaho and his website is I was looking for something truly unique for my smaller flies. I’m constantly changing flies and placing the wet ones next to the dry ones. I’m tired of the colors bleeding onto each other before they dry. I called Marc and inquired about a fly wallet. The fly wallet I have is 8”X4” close and open the fly wallet is 8”X8”. This fly wallet retails for $179.00 US dollars plus shipping and handling. The full grain leather wallet is made from a whitetail deer in his region. The artistry is what really drew me to his work as you can tell by the brown trout I had him place upon the wallet. The button is honed and shaped by him is antler and is another detail that gives the fly wallet added touch. The perspective I had Marc duplicate on the fly wallet was not easy. I was holding this fish as you can see in the comparison photo! The fly wallet is a direct representation of the photo. So many times we see art that does not look like the photo! The lining of the wallet is 3/4” thick sheep’s wool, and is 1” smaller than the outside dimensions of the fly wallet. I will have this fly wallet for a long time, and I plan on using and abusing it allot. Thanks Marc for your truly unique creation. Marc wanted me to tell anyone whom may want a wallet crafted by him to contact him and mention this article. If you mention this article in the next 30 days from today 08-25-09 he will discount the price by 30% by placing an order in the next 30 days.
Tom G.