Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Tribute to Buckers "Buckeye Gribble"

First off let me say I do not want your condolences, best wishes, or a pity party! I’m here to talk about one of the best things that have happened to me. Buckeye our Cairn terrier was put to sleep today. He was a diabetic, and got injections 2 times a day. He was a fighter and is a terrier through and through. He gave us many moments in our life we will never forget. We watched him grow chew on shoes, and grandmothers’ furniture like he was a beaver! He loved socks, and often handpicked them fresh out of the dirty cloths basket! He often liked some really bizarre things we won’t mention on here! He would always be on his time schedule, and did not have time for anything else! He lived 24/7 in an air-conditioned/heated house! He never wanted for anything; we gave him things whenever he wanted it. We loved Bucky as much as a child. Today we get asked if we wanted kids we always ask them why we would want children. It is always funny to see people’s reaction to the question asked back at them. Buckeye was a learning curve! He loved to escape out of his baby gated area! He once annihilated his stuffed bed to the point we were picking up bedding for a month. We once caught him hanging out of a hole that he himself chewed at the top of the gate when we arrived from the Platinum Dragon for dinner. He laid there in the hole whining for help wagging his tail saying to himself “I’m so busted”! He was always happy to see us, and cheered us up when one of us was down. He loved socks and would go great lengths to get one! He would actually talk to us in his little doggie lingo howling and doing a bizarre gravely rolling of the tongue. His diabetes would be his worst enemy. Over time Bucks would isolate himself from us and everything from time to time. This was really tough to watch. This was coming from a dog that at one time would run around the house when he could see at mach speed. Buckeye went blind a little over 2 years ago and adjusted well to as well as anyone expected him to. Buckeye I just want you to know you are loved and will always be loved by us. Take care, and I hope you have plenty of socks and hedgehogs to chew up there!

Love Tom & Jimmy Choo, and Jaxson!