Saturday, July 18, 2009

O Rubber Lips with a side of Smallie and a Sprig of Gar

Fished in Ohio today and I was on the prowl for Mr. Rubber Lips. This time of year is the only time I sight fish for anything. Most of the tributaries here in southern Ohio are low. I took out the switch rod and went to the river. The morning coolness would slow the carps’ metabolic rate a little, and would give me ample time to stalk Mr. Rubber Lips! I would look from a high bank and spot fish, and then traverse the river to fish from the opposite bank to cast into their feeding lie. I put on an olive tube tied with olive Finn Raccoon and olive flashabou. This tube would be a 1/2” copper tube followed by a number 2 red octopus style hook. I started with 8 pound tippet “mistake”, and proceeded to watch the fish feed. Their tails would come across the top of the water as they made their lazy way up stream. I waited until the sun broke the tree line and shined down on the water for about a half hour. I used a 3.5 foot section of T8 accompanied with a 3’ section of 8 pound tippet. I was casting from 30 feet away to ensure I would not spook the quarry. Carp have an amazing knack for knowing where any angler is at any time once you enter there domain. I think me casted 3 times and then the carp picked up my tube fly and did one head shake and broke me off! I must have sounded like a little school kid yelling that someone stole my lunch money. I was so happy and mad all at the same time. I swung a fly and the carp took it. Not only did the carp take the fly on the swing, but broke me off and left me standing there as if to say now what! I would tie on another fly “but leave the 8 pound test tippet on dumb move”. I would tie on another leach/sculpin pattern this time and this fly was more elaborate than the other I had lost previously. Well remember when your teachers used to say to you history does repeat itself? I found another willing participant to take a fly, but this time it was in faster deeper moving water. I would set the hook it would turn sideways in the current and snap my tippet like it was horsehair tippet. I was a little sad but I had no one to blame but myself! I needed to change my setup but I did not and I paid the price. I would site fish to six other carp much smaller than the others with no joy. I would pick up and access the river just above the estuary water. I would find four smallies that could not refuse my shad pattern. I also jumped a 24” gar today that took an olive leech spey. All in all it was a great little outing. I really recharged my batteries. I sat upon a gravel bar today to watch the birds, and to smoke a cigar to think about Buckeye. I was home early but happy.
Wade Safe, Tom G