Monday, May 25, 2009

Teeth did this!

Tiny Yellow Stone
Carp, Smallmouth Outing with a Twist and Teeth!

I never think I’m going to catch fish. For the most part for people who know me say he would be happy just to hook fish. Well today I would fish some skinny water, and then a huge carp hole. I fed the trio of dogs grabbed my backpack then headed to the river. I used my 6wt on the skinny water hoping to find some smallies! I did manage one smaller Rock bass. After the Rock bass I noticed new silt, and sand devouring the creek bed. The rock formations where covered and the smallmouth habitat in this stretch is ruined. The agricultural runoff here is horrible, and has gotten a lot worse in the past 12 months! I left after walking 2 miles back to the truck. I went to the carp hole! This hole is known at least to me to have some piggies. There are several carp in this hole averaging 8-10 pounds. Armed with my switch rod and my 6wt I went walking down into the small gorge. I would get there at 10 o’clock. I decided for some odd reason to fish my switch rod first. I put a piece of T-11 6’ long and with that 8# test mono for the tippet. I used a 3” long olive tube fly. This tube fly looks like an olive sculpin or leech. I would D loop a little. I nailed a really nice 60’ cast. The cast fell I counted to 15 and began to strip slowly. I was hoping at this point a big Mr. or Mrs. Carp would snatch the tube fly. Well what I felt was thump, and then a little drag went out as this fish would lazily go to the middle of the pool. I knew this was bizarre for a carp. It did not thrash or head shake. I pulled on it and make sure the hook was set. The fish then came again slowly to shore well within 15 feet anyhow. There it was it’s not a carp it’s a musky I said to myself holy sh!t! Well with 8 pound mono as tippet this won’t last too much longer. The musky saw the shoreline and felt the pressure I was putting on it and decided to give me one musky roll and off it went! The switch rod did really well I loved the feeling of power it had with the esox! I will go there next time with a bite guard on the next trip. I was pretty tired at least my arm was. So I decided to put on a shad imitation on my 6wt and try for some carp! I put on my type 6 sinking line and hooked into a big carp! It did not run all it did wall roll, roll, and roll! It snoted up my line pretty bad “for anyone who has fly fished for carp you know what I mean”. The fight would last a few minutes finally I broke it off putting too much pressure on the fish. The hook came back screaming at me. That was the end of the day!