Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Switch Rod Review

Switch Rod Review
By Tom Gribble

I remember when I purchased my first fly rod in 1993. I remember when I sold most of my fly fishing gear at the beginning of this darn recession. The switch rod craze caught me, and this would be a great time to reinvent myself as a fly fisherman. I purchased a Temple Fork Outfitters Deer Creek switch rod. This switch rod has a simple design by Bob Meiser and Mike Kinney. The rod is rated as an 8wt and for 400-600 grains and is 11 feet in length. The thread used on the blank is copper, and the wraps around the guides are blue. The blank has a great deep cobalt blue color to it. The rod blank in certain lights looks black almost. The ferrules of the rod blank are marked with alignment dots. The dots allow the angler to ensure he or she is putting the rod together correctly. The rods action is medium-slow. I have used this rod all over the Great Lakes Region. I have chosen two lines for this rod. I use the Scientific Angler Supra Skagit line WF-8-F that is rated for 550 grains. I have picked up a Scientific Angler Steelhead Master Series WF fly line in a 10wt. This line on this rod balances well. I use this line when I strap on a bobber to my line. The reel that I do use is the Orvis Large Arbor Battenkill Number 5. I cut 10 feet off the running line and now the line and 300 yards of gel spun backing fits like a dream. I have used several tips with this rod. I use T-8 in 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths. I also use T-11 in 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths. The power in the rod is amazing, and very light to cast all day. I have found myself with the correct conditions casting across medium size rivers and large creeks easily. The handle set up on the rod is spot on. There is ample room to change our hand anchor position with very little problem. The rear handle is the perfect shape and size in my opinion. I have targeted fish on larger Ohio River tributaries White Bass and Whipers. I have nothing but praise to say about the rod on those species of fish. I have also swung traditional tube flies for smallies and steelhead on large New York tributaries with no problem. The price point of this rod is $349.95, and accompanied by the warranty in my book it’s as good as gold. If you have any questions at all please contact me.


chaveecha said...

Hey Gribble, so glad I found you. I like a couple of things about your blog: 1) how you took the time to make sure your blog's title is one big gramatical error; 2) how you illustrate your inept casting technique in the opening shot--nice loop, stud!; 3) how your most popular post has zero comments (you must have very quiet readers).

Do you think it strange that you should have a blog about fly rods and fly fishing when you are not an authority? Do you think it strange that you should stand in judgement of others when you are so poorly equipped yourself?

I tracked you down after reading your arrogant, infantile comments on Shane's Quiet Pool blog. I know you're a good person, and I think we'd actually get along great after we beat each other to near death in the parking lot. You'd win, by the way. If that's any consolation :-)

I really just wanted to tell you how offensive your comments were on Shane's blog, and that I think you need to focus on being a better angler yourself before you rant about other people.

Let's go fishing next time you're in Oregon!

Rob Russell

gribble said...

Well I'm glad you stopped by, and posted you comments! I'm not perfect and actually really never cared to be! I appreciate your points of view but you know what they say about opinions! I’m a simple person and started my blog just being that simple! I don’t have the flare for being a writer and for the ppl who know me really know me they understand where I have came from. So you can have your sense of entitlement it means nothing to me! I do appreciate your honesty. Take care for we will only fish on the same planet and never fish the same water!

chaveecha said...

Well, as I said, I have no doubt you are a great guy and I do wish you the best. I just hope you will consider being less judgemental about people's angling preferences in the future.



gfen said...

Well, Rob, I gotta commend your abilities to be a douchebag in public. Have to say, its impressive you put your own name on the post so that anyone with a modicum of effort can see the various things you're associated with and write them all off for your being a jackhole.

Although, I suppose, it can only be because you really, really. really wanted Gribble to know who was burning him, eh?

Glad I could add another comment to the most popular post!