Sunday, May 31, 2009

A New Switch Rod

At the end of July I will be purchasing yet another switch rod. I found my 8wt switch rod to be a great tool for certain species. I found myself yearning to get a 5wt switch rod. I will be purchasing another Deer Creek Switch Rod. I will be putting on is the Large Arbor Battenkill Number IV, and spooling it with the Rio Skagit Short 275 Grain. The hard thing was to find a rod in a lower price range that carried a warranty that I thought was a good deal. Now I want to chase fish at the other end of the spectrum. I want to skate dry flies for trout, and warm water species. Yes, for those who know me I said dry flies! Don’t faint I did not turn into a snob. I will still be chasing most of my fish subsurface. I have a large trip already planned for next spring to central Pennsylvania. I want to really work on my casting throughout the summer targeting rising fish. I will be chasing chubs, and whatever else that rise to feed! I will keep everyone up to date as the time gets closer. For now I’m tying flies for summer smallies and carp!

Wade Safe,

Tom G.