Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Lakes Fishing

Picture by Andrew G.

Picture By Andrew G.

Photo by Jim S.

Photo by Jim S.

Photo by Jim S.

The Smell of Smallmouth, Steelhead, and Wader Stew!

I left work on Tuesday 12th and I was so happy to leave the job site that we have been at since January. I knew I would be gone for 5 days. Jim would be joining me to New York for my annual Smallmouth trip. We drove to Akron, Ohio on Wednesday the 13th at 0930, but first Jim would have to deal with his devil house that tried to stop him from making the trip. We left Cincinnati at approximately at 1030 am. This would make us a little later getting to Akron, Ohio. No worries Andrew whom we would continue to drive with to New York would be working most of the day. We arrived at Andrews House to swap out cars, and transfer equipment to another car. With on stop at the Village Tobacconist in the mall we would continue northeast to our destination. Traffic was light on our way to the hotel. It never ceases to amaze me the characters you run into while on a fishing trip. I always attract the most intriguing people. For example Jim needed super glue for his dry hands to close some bad cracks in his fingers and hands. We found the super glue, and along with that Jim gets to verify with his 90% grey hair on his head that he is over 16! We found this a little ridiculous, but not as funny as the supervising check out lady informed us it’s a controlled substance for kids under 16. Someone needs to tell her about the one single hairy eyebrow she was sporting! It looked like a handle bar off my Schwinn banana seat bicycle when I was a kid. I could not take my eyes off of it I was drawn in like watching a train wreck! We then proceeded to get back onto the NY Turn Pike. Here I would notice the next funniest thing. The toll booth workers were not exactly doing cartwheels in their little huts! Throughout the time we spent up there we found they would not for the most part smile, say hi, have a good day, or even be friendly! If you hate your job I can understand that. If you’re going to handle giving out turnpike tickets all day and change back to the idiot that gives you a twenty instead of a dollar and thirty cents. You need to suck it up cause your using more muscles to make a frown that a smile! Well the hotel was clean and nice. The front desk had a mechanical breathing puppy in a bed behind the counter. This puppy was small and looked real. The puppy fooled me I said out loud; ”hey what kind of dog is that to the motel worker?” Hey said in response that’s a toy dog, and I repeated myself yet again. He said it is a toy. The dog was a toy and not a toy breed I felt so dumb after that. We all laughed because we thought the little turkey was real with his little tummy going up and down as if he was real and breathing. We would venture to a larger Lake Ontario tributary to fish for Steelhead. We would connect with six steelheads, but only landed three of them. I used my switch rod a 585 grain Skagit Supra SA line counting the eight feet of T11. This set up would be used the whole trip along with my TFO TiCr 6wt armed with a WF line. The Steelhead took a grey/white Finn Raccoon spey tube fly. The tube was a copper 1/2” tube lined. The grey and white was alternated with some flashabou mixed in the center. We then left the larger Lake Ontario tributary to go to a larger Lake Erie tributary. The smallmouths were feeding with reckless abandon. They ate clousers, leeches, and deceivers. The fly hook sizes ranged from 1-2/0. Clousers that were used came in many different colors. The colors ranged from black over white, yellow over white, olive over white and light tan over white. Some of the patterns used did have red tied behind the eyes to look like gills. We would hook into so many smallmouths we tried to see what we could not catch them on. After three days of this, and being beaten by 20-40 mph wind gusts we were ready to come home. I know Andy, Jim, and I had a great time. Its funny how things work out sometimes even though some people out there do not know what’s available to them to fish for in their back yard, “there's smallmouth in that body of water”. Wader stew was a joke during the trip due to all the sweat and the cooking of man utensils!

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