Saturday, April 18, 2009

Posies, and Fat Chicks!

Well the day started out at 44 degrees, and then became 78 degrees! I was at the waters’ edge at 0700. I found her to be 120 cf/s and stained. She would still have 18” of great visibility. The fog was lifting off the water, and the sun was cracking the tree-line. I have tied up some patterns and I was hoping today to find out if they ride correctly. I would learn they lean to one-side, and a few upside down! Well it’s all about the learning curve! Except for me the learning curve seems to be more like pentagonal shape! I have taken time to make sure they balance. I don’t know how, but I need to make the bottom heavier than the top. I thought I was doing it, but I think the bunny strip has to much mass for the tube. The hair I stacked should of made it ride correctly. Well there is no doubting when a fish slams your fly on the swing! I had one white bass nearly cripple her-self to get the tube. She took a 1/0 hook right through her upper plate in her mouth, and then it came out her nose! I cut the hook and let her go! She swam off fine, and I felt better for doing it. My craftsman pliers look like I would hook into another fish before calling it a day. It was long and I could not raise its head. The fly came back at me as fast like a bullet due to the force I was exerting on the fish. I did realize my error was no side pressure I kept its head in the current and on balance. I deserved to lose that fish due to my stupid move! Spring is all around here in Southwest Ohio. Enjoy the pictures.

Tom G.