Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hang in there folks!

I have been super busy at work. I did go drown some flies last weekend, and realized they are swimming upside down! Grrrr the weight is tough to figure out on tubes to know if they are going to ride correctly. I'll post more on the weekend. I will be tying the remainder of the week, and posting pics!

Take care all,

Tom G.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm asking the world!

What would people like to see on here? What would people like to know? Sorry for the broad stroke questions but I'm looking for feedback!

Tom G.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just a note to all!

Well it has been a few months now since my first casted my switch rod. I have learned a few things. You will need to slow down your casting stroke to understand the mechanics of the rod. You will need to understand how the energy is built in the rod, and how it releases the energy to get the desired effect. You will need to learn how to use the rod correctly to cover the holding lies for fish. What I mean is I know normally where the fish are holding. Now you have a new rod, and unlike your single handed rod you will need to present your fly entirely different. This means standing normally where you would not stand before and cast. This type of fly fishing has changed my entire way I fish. This is what it is supposed to be a learning experience. The Deer Creek Switch Rod has been a great first switch rod.

Posies, and Fat Chicks!

Well the day started out at 44 degrees, and then became 78 degrees! I was at the waters’ edge at 0700. I found her to be 120 cf/s and stained. She would still have 18” of great visibility. The fog was lifting off the water, and the sun was cracking the tree-line. I have tied up some patterns and I was hoping today to find out if they ride correctly. I would learn they lean to one-side, and a few upside down! Well it’s all about the learning curve! Except for me the learning curve seems to be more like pentagonal shape! I have taken time to make sure they balance. I don’t know how, but I need to make the bottom heavier than the top. I thought I was doing it, but I think the bunny strip has to much mass for the tube. The hair I stacked should of made it ride correctly. Well there is no doubting when a fish slams your fly on the swing! I had one white bass nearly cripple her-self to get the tube. She took a 1/0 hook right through her upper plate in her mouth, and then it came out her nose! I cut the hook and let her go! She swam off fine, and I felt better for doing it. My craftsman pliers look like I would hook into another fish before calling it a day. It was long and I could not raise its head. The fly came back at me as fast like a bullet due to the force I was exerting on the fish. I did realize my error was no side pressure I kept its head in the current and on balance. I deserved to lose that fish due to my stupid move! Spring is all around here in Southwest Ohio. Enjoy the pictures.

Tom G.

Off to Fish!

Hopefully to possible catch some fish! I'm looking for fat chicks!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

To much information out there going old school!

The internet is a curse and a blessing. Remember the days of actually going to the river, creek, or lake to see if it was fishable? Now we have the ability along with everyone else to see what’s fishable and what’s not with a click of a button! I traveled for a few hours and a tank of gas to shoot some video and to see if anything would shape for Sunday. The answer is no as you see in my video!
Take care all,

Tom G.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Great Water

The Calm before the Storm

I took the entire day off work on Wednesday to head to the north shores of Ohio. The weather was well not great for fishing but ideal for driving. Bluebird skies would accompany me from Cincinnati to Pierpont, Ohio. I would almost throw all of my gear into my great friend’s garage to get to the river for a few hours of fishing. The area the day before had a significant amount of rain as I could see water standing in farm fields. I would get to the river edge and see her trying to clear her plate for me. The river had 18-24 inches of visibility and was trying to turn green. The flow was moderate and still very fishable. I would swing all night “boy that sounds funny”. I tried several patterns, several lengths and several tips from T8 to T11. I practiced still getting the swinging fly technique correct. I also realized I had to change up from river coming from my left to the river coming from my right. That was a challenge to figure that out. This outing will be my second to last for steelhead fishing in Ohio. Pretty soon there will be fish galore on gravel, and I will not be a gravel-raker “we have all seen the one person(s) trying to catch the fish that is actively spawning”. No we do not have a self sustaining steelhead fishery, but I choose not to do it. I would go on to catch several suckers! Some of these fish where common river suckers, and Red Horse suckers. The Red Horse suckers at least in the Great Lakes Basin are the first signal to the experienced steelhead fisherman that the season is winding down. I saw several steelhead trying to jump the obstruction I was fishing. I wish now I would have taken a picture of them! The rains followed on Friday afternoon and put about 2.25 inches of rain in the watershed and gave the Great Lakes River Basin a big flush! I canceled fishing for Saturday and drove home today. Well the next time I fish I will be looking for fat chicks running in the Ohio River Basin.

Take care all,

Tom G.