Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tube Fly Box Review
Great Lakes Spey Shop in Rockford, Mi

After trying to figure out how to show case my patterns I have found a fly box that keeps my arsenal ready for deployment. Bob at Great Lakes Spey Shop has taken the task to come up with a designed tube fly box that exceeds the tube fly fisherman’s expectations. I do have to preface I do not have any affiliations with the above named shop I’m merely a customer. These tube flys are suspended off the bottom of the fly box, and will allow the tube fly to rest without getting smashed on one side or the other. The New Earth magnets are a nice touch to ensure the mandrels do not move. The mandrels are 3” long, and the spacing from center to center is 5/8”. There are 24 mandrels to hold tube flys. You can put three 1/2” tubes on each mandrel or 2 1” tubes on the mandrels. Bob has several styles of boxes, but this one is best suited for me. Give him a call for further details.