Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ohio Basin Switch Rod Outing #2

The day would come when I would take out for the second time my switch rod. I would have a chance before hand to make my T-8 and T-11 tips to try out. First off I want to thank all the Spey/Switch rod brethren that helped me with my choice or rod and gear. I would also try the Scientific Angler Steelhead Master Series fly line on the switch rod. I got out on the road at 0900 and headed for the river. I would find her green, and with great flow. This stretch that I was going to fish today would be due to some nice people granting me access to their land. My Double Spey and Single Spey cast would come full circle today. The Double Spey cast had me baffled until I figured out how to time it with the position of the anchor vs. my body. The single Spey would prove to be better due to me slowing down my casting stroke. I did figure out that I did not tye my flies very well, and with the hook pointed down some of them did roll over. I placed the hook to ride upside down and the flies rod correctly “wheew I’ll never do that again (yea right)”. I also have a new fly box by this fly box in my opinion blows the other fly boxes out of the water. I will be doing a review on this box in about a week. Enjoy the pictures.


Brian said...

Hey Tom, glad to here you got out. How did that Steelhead line work for you on spey type casts? Did you try it on overhead casts as well? Did you cut it back for the tips or just add the tips to the end of the line? Thanx for the update and I look forward to hearing your replies.

gribble said...

Brian Hello and yes it was nice to get out. I cut back the T8 to 10' and with the SA Supra Skagit Fly Line it was pretty much a seamless match. I know I went from casting 35' to 75' effortlessly. The T11 I cut down to 3.5’ and I performed flawlessly yet again. These are the only tips I have tried, and so far I’m really at a loss how easy it is to cast! The SA Steelhead Master Series Taper was spot on. All the friends out west told me to get it, and they were correct. The line loads well, and the rod responds exactly how you would imagine it. I could roll cast with the SA Steelhead Master Series Taper almost as far as I could Double Spey cast. Now I have yet to place a bobber and let on the SA Steelhead Master Series Taper, but I’m sure there will be no problem! All I know is people who are learning to use a spey rod or switch rod slow down and your casting will improve (trust me).