Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maui Jim Sport Style the New Hanalei
Sunglass Review
We have all been there saying, “I wish I had a better pair of fishing sunglasses”. I have found a pair of sunglasses that is leaps and bounds better than most I have fished with. The Hanalei has great ability of managing the blue light spectrum (like all Maui Jim), and with the green lens makes reading water so much more fun. Any angler will tell you if you can read the water you will find the fish. Our waters here in Ohio have a large amount of limestone in them. With a green lens you can see more definition of the river or creek bottom. The low light to medium light conditions is perfect for this type of lens. The nose piece is rubberized and provides a better non-slipping nose pad. Maui Jims’ craftsmanship and attention to detail speaks volumes with these sunglasses. The sunglasses where designed with the active outdoorsman in mind. They have placed ventilation channels along the entire length of the frame. This allows for heat and moisture to transfer and evaporate before it fogs up your lens. The temple of the frame has two soft rubber pads to prevent slipping off your face. The temples also wrap around your face to insure a good secure fit. The peripheral view of the sunglasses has your eyes totally covered. There is something to be said about a pair of sunglasses that blocks out the direct sunlight from your peripheral. The suggested retail price is 179.00 dollars. The sunglasses come with a hard case and a soft bag to store your investment. I have several pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses, and these are by far my new favorites. For more information please refer to the following link.