Monday, March 23, 2009

Conneaut Steelhead Float

Floating Conneaut with Switch Rod

I finished a half days work, and loaded the pontoon boat in my truck along with several pieces of gear. I arrived at the river’s edge at 0530. I have not floated her in 4 years. She has survived 3 hurricanes, and all man can throw at her. I put all my gear in the boat, and then rigged my switch rod. I would wait on the shore for the sun to come up before I pressed on. I saw the green emerald waters of Conneaut Creek. The flow was right for floating. I would get to the first beach and anchor. I casted the Deer Creek rod across the current to the tail out of a pool blind casting to a willing recipient. I would hear noises behind me, and I looked at it was two people and their guide. I would light up a La Flor Dominica Ligero Cigar. At this time the folks on the beach downstream of me would not see me. I would surprise them as I began to float past them drinking coffee and smoking a cigar. I would put on an emerald shiner pattern and start to swing. I would start off with using circle hooks. I have never used a circle hook until now. I would miss several fish due to my inexperience. I would switch over to a large caddis X-point style hook. I would have my next swing be caught by a nice little 24” steelhead. He managed to smash his lips on the hook. The rod responded like a dream. The rod at the time was loaded with my SA Skajit Short with an 8’ head of T-11. There was no hook set the fish did all the impaling. I would kiss him for the honor of catching him, and then let him go. I was so pleased I even caught a fish this day I forgot to take a picture. Along the remainder of the float I would see a Red Fox, American Bald Eagle, and allot of deer.