Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April 2nd I'll be heading North!

I will not be floating this time, but spending it with a dear friend like old times wading were ever we go! I'll have some pics when I get back.

Take care all, and thanks to the ppl I have looking at my blog.

See ya,

Tom G.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tube Fly Box Review
Great Lakes Spey Shop in Rockford, Mi

After trying to figure out how to show case my patterns I have found a fly box that keeps my arsenal ready for deployment. Bob at Great Lakes Spey Shop has taken the task to come up with a designed tube fly box that exceeds the tube fly fisherman’s expectations. I do have to preface I do not have any affiliations with the above named shop I’m merely a customer. These tube flys are suspended off the bottom of the fly box, and will allow the tube fly to rest without getting smashed on one side or the other. The New Earth magnets are a nice touch to ensure the mandrels do not move. The mandrels are 3” long, and the spacing from center to center is 5/8”. There are 24 mandrels to hold tube flys. You can put three 1/2” tubes on each mandrel or 2 1” tubes on the mandrels. Bob has several styles of boxes, but this one is best suited for me. Give him a call for further details.

Cast Development

After you purchase all of your switch rod equipment there is nothing more important to me than developing a good casting stroke. I went out today with a few friends and learned a few things, and developed a few things! This video clip demonstrates a double spey cast, and I must tell you I have only watched You Tube Videos and one live demonstration. I’m absolutely amazed how easy it is to pick up the casting stroke “it’s still not perfect”. I have on my 8wt Deer Creek Series a 550 Grain SA Skagit line and 2’ of T8 with 2’ of 12# test mono then a tube fly of choice.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Conneaut Steelhead Float

Floating Conneaut with Switch Rod

I finished a half days work, and loaded the pontoon boat in my truck along with several pieces of gear. I arrived at the river’s edge at 0530. I have not floated her in 4 years. She has survived 3 hurricanes, and all man can throw at her. I put all my gear in the boat, and then rigged my switch rod. I would wait on the shore for the sun to come up before I pressed on. I saw the green emerald waters of Conneaut Creek. The flow was right for floating. I would get to the first beach and anchor. I casted the Deer Creek rod across the current to the tail out of a pool blind casting to a willing recipient. I would hear noises behind me, and I looked at it was two people and their guide. I would light up a La Flor Dominica Ligero Cigar. At this time the folks on the beach downstream of me would not see me. I would surprise them as I began to float past them drinking coffee and smoking a cigar. I would put on an emerald shiner pattern and start to swing. I would start off with using circle hooks. I have never used a circle hook until now. I would miss several fish due to my inexperience. I would switch over to a large caddis X-point style hook. I would have my next swing be caught by a nice little 24” steelhead. He managed to smash his lips on the hook. The rod responded like a dream. The rod at the time was loaded with my SA Skajit Short with an 8’ head of T-11. There was no hook set the fish did all the impaling. I would kiss him for the honor of catching him, and then let him go. I was so pleased I even caught a fish this day I forgot to take a picture. Along the remainder of the float I would see a Red Fox, American Bald Eagle, and allot of deer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lake Erie Tribs

I'll be on my home waters on 20-22! I'll have a lot of pics to share. See you guys and gals when I get back!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ohio Basin Switch Rod Outing #2

The day would come when I would take out for the second time my switch rod. I would have a chance before hand to make my T-8 and T-11 tips to try out. First off I want to thank all the Spey/Switch rod brethren that helped me with my choice or rod and gear. I would also try the Scientific Angler Steelhead Master Series fly line on the switch rod. I got out on the road at 0900 and headed for the river. I would find her green, and with great flow. This stretch that I was going to fish today would be due to some nice people granting me access to their land. My Double Spey and Single Spey cast would come full circle today. The Double Spey cast had me baffled until I figured out how to time it with the position of the anchor vs. my body. The single Spey would prove to be better due to me slowing down my casting stroke. I did figure out that I did not tye my flies very well, and with the hook pointed down some of them did roll over. I placed the hook to ride upside down and the flies rod correctly “wheew I’ll never do that again (yea right)”. I also have a new fly box by http://www.greatlakesspeyshop.com/ this fly box in my opinion blows the other fly boxes out of the water. I will be doing a review on this box in about a week. Enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maui Jim Sport Style the New Hanalei
Sunglass Review
We have all been there saying, “I wish I had a better pair of fishing sunglasses”. I have found a pair of sunglasses that is leaps and bounds better than most I have fished with. The Hanalei has great ability of managing the blue light spectrum (like all Maui Jim), and with the green lens makes reading water so much more fun. Any angler will tell you if you can read the water you will find the fish. Our waters here in Ohio have a large amount of limestone in them. With a green lens you can see more definition of the river or creek bottom. The low light to medium light conditions is perfect for this type of lens. The nose piece is rubberized and provides a better non-slipping nose pad. Maui Jims’ craftsmanship and attention to detail speaks volumes with these sunglasses. The sunglasses where designed with the active outdoorsman in mind. They have placed ventilation channels along the entire length of the frame. This allows for heat and moisture to transfer and evaporate before it fogs up your lens. The temple of the frame has two soft rubber pads to prevent slipping off your face. The temples also wrap around your face to insure a good secure fit. The peripheral view of the sunglasses has your eyes totally covered. There is something to be said about a pair of sunglasses that blocks out the direct sunlight from your peripheral. The suggested retail price is 179.00 dollars. The sunglasses come with a hard case and a soft bag to store your investment. I have several pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses, and these are by far my new favorites. For more information please refer to the following link. http://www.mauijim.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product3_10101_10001_20651_-1_10105_10105_N__2_2_1

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stay Tuned!

Sorry its been a little while since I last posted. I'm working on getting my new T8, and T11 lines for Skajit casting. I'll be getting those shortly, and I'll even be going fishign soon! I have also worked out some dates when I'll be up on the Great Lakes soon.