Thursday, February 12, 2009

Choosing a Thread for Fly Tying

By Tom Gribble

Well over time we have tied flies that we wish would last forever. Well those flies would last forever if the fish did not have teeth and the thread could stand up to the abuse. So I’m here to help with choosing a thread that can stand up to most fresh water species. A long time ago I ran into a thread called Gudebrod. I purchased this thread like crazy! This thread has the breaking strength of 38 ounces of pressure. Gudebrod would later stop making fly tying thread. I would need to find a replacement. I would try Orvis G thread, and for a time I would like it. I don’t like the way it frays as you try and use a whip finisher. I do not know the breaking strength of it, but I have never had a complaint when making musky flies. I would find that the Orvis G thread for me was a little on the large diameter size for me. I then went on the hunt for a thread that had the strength of Gudebrod but had the diameter of it also. I found a thread called Ultra Thread. This thread is nylon, and has the breaking strength at 33 oz and 140 denier. I’m currently tying spey and tube flies and the smaller my heads are the better. I need all the advantage I can get. I hope this helps in choosing the right thread type.